How to prepare your home for sale? Our Boylin’s Leeds based self store can help.

A big part of preparing your Leeds home for sale is making sure that it looks as good as possible; you have to do repairs, clean, paint and make sure that there are no unnecessary items in it. But what do you do with the stuff that you don’t want to throw out? That is where we come in. At Boylin’s Self Store offer excellent Leeds self storage that you can rely on until you move into your next home. You can be sure that we will take care of your items like they are ours. So many people choose us time and time again because they trust our security. We have 24 hour CCTV surveillance. On top of that each of our self storage services sites has additional access barriers to make sure that only their owners can access them. You will not have to worry about your items being stolen. Our containers come in different sizes unlike in so many other Leeds self storage facilities. You only rent the amount of space that you need. In addition to that we never stack – every container is on ground level so you don’t have to use ladders to keep or remove items. In fact, there is enough room between containers that you can drive right up to yours. We will give you a container the same day that you ask for it, and we will valet it before we give it to you. You will not have to worry about damage either because our containers are weatherproof – whether it rains or shines your items will remain in the same state as when you stored them – there is no rust or warping and buckling.

Many customers who come to us don’t know what size of container they should hire. Do not let that stop you – we have experienced employees in each of our Leeds self storage facilities and they are happy to help clients figure things out. They will also show you the best way to store your items. We recommend that you pack everything away in strong boxes as this helps storage easier. Lastly, we offer very affordable prices. If you compare us to many other storage facilities in the Yorkshire you will find that our pries are very affordable considering the quality of service that we provide. We also offer our clients good discounts so please try us out. Contact us today on 0113 2430740 to discuss all your personal storage needs and we will be pleased to discuss all aspects of your personal storage requirements. Our Staff are highly trained and supportive of our customers needs. They will help you work out exactly what is required for your personalised storage. Or simply visit us on:

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