How to Prepare your Clothes for Long Term Storage in Leeds?

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Preparing clothes for long-term storage in Leeds does not have to be hard.

In fact, Boylin’s self store Leeds makes it easy to house seasonal clothing year round.

With the winter in full swing, we recommend storing spring and summer wear to reduce closet clutter.

Our self storage shipping containers are also large enough to safely keep and protect entire wardrobes if needed.

However, you may want to temporarily store attire that you will need in a few months.

With this in mind, our team in our self store in Leeds is always on hand to help you maximize unit space – and even keep track of your short and long-term clothing boxes and inventory.

Leeds Self Storage for Clothes – Things to Consider

When self storing at Boylin’s in Leeds, we want to make sure your clothing storage is easy and hassle-free. Here are a few tips on how to best prepare your clothes for seasonal storage:

  •  Place heavy sweaters and coats in boxes or large Tupperware units for easy loading and access – try to keep these items in the front of the self storage unit.
  • Place clothing you no longer need in boxes and store on the sides or back of the unit – this will leave you with enough room should you change your mind.
  • You can easily hang shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, slacks and even jackets on portable hanger rods – this is a great way to access your seasonal wardrobe as desired.
  • There is ample space per unit to add hope chests and/or portable closets – this ensures moisture-free clothing that is neat and ready to go.

More Tips on Clothing Storageman shaking guinea pig bank to get coins

Like most people, you have probably spent a fortune buying top-brand name clothes and accessories.

However, do you really need all this attire in your closets at one time?

If you are struggling with space issues, Boylin’s Self Store in Leeds is a great way to keep your clothes safe and sound.

The same applies for shoes – and in fact – our units can easily hold all your shoes racks and mounts.

Again, this will free up essential space in your home, and you never have to worry about storing these items in cold basements or overfilled crawlspaces.

We also suggest you create an inventory of your stored clothes so that you know where everything is at any time.

In addition, use dry cleaning plastic for expensive clothing – that will protect your wardrobe and prevent any odours or insect from gaining a foothold.

Contact us today for self storage rental units in Leeds and across the UK.

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