How to Prepare Your Four-Wheeler’s, Bikes and Other Cars for Self Storage in Leeds

Vehicle self storage tips and advice from Boylin;s Self Store in Leeds

You have acquired a vintage car. Now you need to find a place to store and maintain it safely. You are looking for good advice and our self storage services in Leeds. Boylin’s Self Store in Leeds is offering some valuable vehicle self storage tips in this new news article.

You can store any vehicle or bike in self storage with Boylin’s in Leeds.

Perhaps you are ready to keep your four wheeler away for the next few months. We offer typical weatherproof self storage in recycled shipping containers of many varied sizes so you can now keep or store your car in a container with us in Leeds. Maybe, you planned a Holidays or need to travel abroad for work. So you do not need your vehicle and local Leeds based storage is what you are looking for.

What should you do to prepare your vehicle for self storage?

Many people assume that all it takes to store a vehicle is drive it into self storage and close the doors. But you need to do more than that if you want your car or four wheeler to be in working order when you retrieve it!

This article will tell you how to prepare your four wheeler for self storage or how to prepare your favorite car for self storage.

Below are our more general vehicle self storage tips

  • Make sure that your four wheeler is cleaned out completely before it goes into self storage. Soap, rinse and dry all areas and then lubricate every bit of machinery that needs oil. Make sure to spray the exhaust pipe with WD40 so that it doesn’t rust during storage.
  • Drain all the fuel out of the fuel tank. Storing your vehicle with fuel in it is a recipe for disaster. When temperatures rise the fuel will evaporate and even a small flame can lead to an explosion. If your vehicle has a metal fuel tank you shouldn’t drain the fuel as it can cause rusting, but instead add a fuel stabilizer.

A car mechanic replaces a battery.

  • It is important to make sure that your battery stays in good condition. There are two ways that you can do this. The easiest is to disconnect the battery and keep it separately. Make sure that it is dry and doesn’t come in contact with any corrosive substances. Alternatively, you can connect it to a battery tender. The tender keeps your battery with just enough charge to make sure that it works throughout. Your choice depends on when you plan to retrieve your car. If you are traveling, for instance, and you think that you will need to drive your car as soon as you get back a battery tender may be a good idea. You don’t want to start fumbling around with battery connections after a long journey.
  • Tires will deflate over time and you need to find a way to deal with this or you will not be able to drive your vehicle out of the storage unit when you need it. One way is to lift it off the ground. Tires will deflate when they are in contact with a solid surface for an extended period. You can also have someone come in and inflate your tires from time to time. If you choose a good self storage facility they should be able to do this small favour for you free of charge.
  • Make sure to change your filter and oil before you put your vehicle in self storage. Old oil has debris floating around in it that will negatively affect your engine over time. Also, clean oil and a new filter will ensure that your car is ready for driving when you need it.
  • If you will be going away for a really long time you should ask the owner of the self storage facility in Leeds to start your car and drive it a little every few months. It ensures that all parts stay in good working order. If you are dealing with a vintage vehicle you may want to have a car mechanic come in and service it from time to time so that it retains its value.
  • Make sure that all seats are covered in fabric that is breathable to keep away dust and keep them from drying up and cracking. You should store your vehicle in a weatherproof container. If there id any sort of evaporation or condensation it can lead to all sorts of problems.

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