How to Keep Photographs, Pictures and Art in Self Storage in Swinton-Mexborough

. Art self storage tips - A Scattered Collection of Vintage Family Photographs

Like most people you sourced information on how to prepare your belongings for self storage in Swinton.  However, like most people, you did mainly think about the large items. You sourced information, tips and advice on how you should store furniture, electronics, toys, cars, clothing and such. Smaller items, such as artworks and photographs did not get much of your needed attention or care.

Hopefully your valuable art is in a safe. Assuming that your photographs will make it through the storage period without any problems is not wise our recommended.

While your artwork and photographs may not have high market values. They still needs to make it out of self storage in one piece, as do your photographs.

Most likely you decided to store them because they have a very high sentimental value to you and your family. These memorabilia often pass down to coming generations as souvenirs and cherished memories of time gone.

Boylin’s Art Self Storage Tips

Art Self Stroge Tips and Advice - lady performing some painting at home

The best place to store your art is in the area of the container that has the least amount of foot traffic, preferably right at the back with ample space around them for access.

Here is what You Ought to do in Terms of Art Self Storage Preparations:

  • Properly wrap and seal all framed artworks. This ensures  they cannot get affected by any moisture or damp collecting in the shipping containers. You should set aside some blankets for the job. Newspapers are not advisable as the print can transfer to the canvas. Wrap all art in the blankets and then seal it with waterproof paper on all sides. Bubble wrap is an alternative.
  • Wrap all unframed art pieces in glassine paper and then slip the artwork between two pieces of thin cardboard which then can be covered with bubble wrap and sealed with tape.
  • Make sure that you choose a self storage facility that has weatherproof units. If your artwork gets into contact with moisture the resulting warping and shrinkage will leave it ruined. There are some Swinton-Mexborough self storage facilities that offer competitive weatherproof containers.
  • Never stack art pieces on top of each other. Do not get tempted to do this. As, you think it will result in a more easy packing exercise. More, it could save space but over time the prints, photographs and artworks might suffer damage. Each artwork should be wrapped and sealed separately. Yes, this also might mean, that you need to provision a little more space then you initially anticipated.
  • For easy retrieval. Label each piece of art. Make sure that all labels are facing outwards when placed in the storage container.
  • Don’t stack artworks. The ones at the bottom could become damaged over time by the additional weight they have to carry.
Art self storage tips - A Scattered Collection of Vintage Basketball Cards

A Scattered Collection of Vintage Basketball Cards

Boylin’s Photography Self Storage Tips

  • The most important factor to take into account are the levels of humidity your art will be exposed too. Photographs will not do well with even a little bit of moisture so you have to make sure that the storage container is completely weatherproof.
  • Start by sorting your photos into categories. You can do them by generation then by year and so on, or you can do them by the different relatives. Grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and so on.
  • For each stack of photos you can then buy a photo storage box. These special boxes are designed to keep photos safe and dry while they remain in storage. You may not be able to get such boxes in your local store. However, many online retailers stock them. or you can acquire a few photo albums.  They must be suitable for long term storage. Buy the right size. Make sure that you have enough room for all your photos.
  • Store your photos in boxes or albums. Stack or load your art correctly. You shouldn’t pack too many of them together or they will get creases and can even stick together. Stack everything loosely. Too tight and over time the surface of the photographs may get compromised or damaged.
  • Store all photographs and artworks  away from any sunlight. Excess exposure to sunlight or even high wattage artificial light destroys photographs over time.
  • Make sure that they will never come in contact with any water, damp or moisture.
  • Use the same precautions when handling any negatives. They are even more important then your photographs as they allow you to create new photographs.

All our self storage shipping containers in our Boylin’s Self Store in Swinton are perfect for artworks and photographs alike.

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