How is Self Storage a Sustainable Solution for Eco-conscious Homeowners and Renters?

How is Self Storage a Sustainable Solution for Eco-conscious Homeowners and Renters?

If you are an eco-conscious homeowner or renter in search of a sustainable self storage solution, you’ve come to the right place!

Self storge will prevent so many items from going to landfill and encourage a more sustainable life style.

If you’re ready to make not only a cost-effective, beneficial but an eco-friendly investment in a self storage unit, Boylin’s Self Store is here for you!

It is rapidly becoming more evident the importance of reducing our carbon footprint to help lower carbon emissions before we have caused irreversible damage to the planet.

This is especially imperative in 2022 as the climate crisis will soon reach the point of no return.

An interim report published by the UN in February described a “red alert from the planet”, adding that “governments are nowhere close to the level of ambition needed to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement”. 

That is why in our daily lives, many of us are searching for changes to make in our own lives in order to become more sustainable and help save the planet.

It could be choosing to walk or cycle instead of drive, bringing reusable bags with you when you go to a supermarket, cutting down on your electricity usage and recycling – or not even using plastic bottles. These are all habits that a person can implement in their lives to become more sustainable and help in the fight against climate change.

The list of ways to help you become an eco-conscious homeowner or renter continues to increase, with new ways to reduce your impact being added frequently.

How are We as Consumers Damaging the Environment?

plastics found in most things we eat and drink.

Microplastics found in most things we eat and drink.

Considering the things people store most often, the self storage industry can help protect our natural resources.

About 40% of the people who rent self storage use it for furniture, and another 40% use it for storing clothing. Other frequently stored things are sporting equipment and seasonal-use items.

Manufacturing these goods takes a huge toll on the environment.

The textile industry is currently one of the most polluting industries. Moreover, fast fashion (buying large quantities of clothing because it’s relatively cheap and discarding them after one season) is not sustainable in the long-term.

About 20% of freshwater pollution worldwide is made by textile treatment and dyeing, and around 5% of the global landfill space is occupied by discarded textiles, while an estimated 10% of total global greenhouse emissions come from the fashion industry, according to the United Nations.

The furniture industry is also damaging the environment. Furniture is made of either wood (which involves cutting down trees) or composite materials, which are manufactured with the help of intensely polluting solvents, adhesives and polymers.

Both industries are working on reducing their impact on the environment, but one very efficient thing we, as consumers, can do, is to use the stuff we already own for as long as possible. Purchasing new stuff all the time creates a need for more items to be manufactured, which, in turn, leads to even more pollution.

Storing your items in a safe setting prolongs their lifespan and helps you buy less, which is great for your budget and for the planet.

In summary, storing your things for future use makes sense from a financial and environmental point of view.

How can Self Storage Help Eco-conscious Homeowners be More Sustainable?

Many families opt for buying a larger house than they need, simply because they own too much stuff and need extra space to store it.

However, the bigger the house, the bigger its carbon footprint. You have to heat it in the winter, cool it in the summer, and clean and maintain it, all of which wastes money and energy.

Self storage allows you to downsize by providing an efficient, affordable and safe way to store your belongings.

Moreover, transportation is the most important cause of air pollution in big cities and using non-polluting transportation such as bikes is a proven way of making things better.

However, the standard city apartment simply doesn’t have space to store bikes or other similar equipment, so most people give up on using this type of non-polluting transportation for their commute. But with self storage you will suddenly have a world of sustainable possibilities that were unavailable to you without external storage space.

By simply renting a self storage unit, you can store household items that you either need but have no space for or that you may not need currently although you will possibly in the future.

And fortunately for the environment, investing in space at a self storage facility means that none of your household goods is to a landfill.

If you are considering investing in self storage, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you continue to make more eco-friendly choices…

  1. Be Mindful of Your Impact on the environment while storing:

    • Avoid plastics as much as possible when packing and storing your things
    • Recycle packing materials
    • Instead of bubble wrap, which is not biodegradable, use newspapers or paper towels
    • Avoid using Styrofoam and polystyrene beads when packing
    • Select the right storage unit size for your needs
    • Make sure that the storage facility is close to your home, or place of work, and you don’t have to do a lot of extra driving in order to reach it
    • Make the most of your storage unit! After all a self storage container is an extremely versatile investment. It can be used to store: Children’s toys, inventory storage for eBay and Depop sellers, accounting records, business documents or tradesman tools, student belongings and even vehicles such as classic cars, family cars, caravans, boats and bikes.
  1. Find the Best Deal for YOU

At Boylin’s Self Store we are determined to give you the best deal possible as reflected through our affordable prices. You can even verify that you are getting the best deal through our handy price match guarantee, so that you know you’re in the safest, most affordable hands.

For as little as £9.45pw, you can obtain a completely safe and secure external space for your treasured belongings! We even give you your second month’s rent for Half Price, just to give you an extra helping hand!

You can use our interactive tool to help establish what size container you need! This will help to save you time, money and stress in your self storage search!

  1. Storing Locally is More Sustainable

    Eco-friendly local storage solutions by Boylin's Self Store

    Eco-friendly  local storage solutions by Boylin’s Self Store

With self storage facilities becoming an increasingly popular choice for storing unwanted goods, there are many self storage units available across the country. The domino effect of this means that the chances of a facility near you are relatively high. This in turn reduces the length of time you have to travel, thus meaning you won’t be using as much petrol which is good for the environment as well as being super convenient for you!

At Boylin’s Self Store, we want to provide a storage solution for as many people as possible. Therefore, we have a variety of different Northern locations, in order to be as close to you as possible.

We have sites in Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Wakefield. Visit our website to find your nearest Boylin’s location.

As well as having a variety of sites all over the country, all of our containers benefit from convenient ground floor accessibility and are available immediately!

Moreover, every one of our sites are accessible during the convenient hours of 06:00 – 18:30 Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 Saturdays, and 08:00 – 14:00 Sundays.

Boylin’s Self Store wants to help you and the environment in 2022.

Every single one of Boylin’s Self Store’s containers are wind and water tight as well as completely secure. All of our sites benefit from state of the art CCTV and barrier controls which are only accessible through individual key or fob. Therefore, by investing in a self storage unit you are investing in the guaranteed safety of anything you store in your container.

While Boylin’s Self Store is undeniably a smaller business than our big brand competitors such as Big Yellow Storage. However, we are local, customer service oriented, experienced and reputable storage experts who will dedicate ourselves to getting you the best deal.

For your money you will gain you will gain an affordable, accessible and secure unit alongside outstanding, friendly and qualified service.

The proof of our impeccable customer service is evident in our happy customer testimonials from businesses and individuals alike.

We have been continually committed to helping people find their ideal storage solution, so much so that we have been worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic!

You can also visit our news page for consistent and informative content regarding self storage tips and tricks to help you out further!

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