Home Renovation Self Storage Ideas for You to Follow

Home renovation - self storage ideas and tips

Are you dreaming of or planning your next home renovation?

If you live in Yorkshire today, home renovations can come with many unpleasant aspects which most homeowners do not plan for. They assume that all they will have to do is move a few things around to make room for the contractors to start work on the renovation they planned for. This often backfires when the homeowners realise that this will not work. The people you contracted will need lots of room in which to do their work. In most cases modern homes in Britain are not built to accommodate the extra space these renovations demand. Real estate is getting ever more expensive. Most homes will have been built without making reservation for storage space which could be utilised during any renovations, leaving your family to struggle with the inconveniences this aspect brings with it.

Most home renovation projects often comes with the inconvenience of debris and dust, which could damage your property or make certain areas unsuitable for living or storage during the entire period the renovation takes place.

Also keep in mind that most contractors themselves prefer to work in cleared areas, to avoid causing accidental damage to anything left behind in the areas they are working in.  If they cause damage during the building period you could try to ask for compensation. It is much safer and creates a much nicer working environment for all involved if you can pack things away before hand.

If you want your building works, interior design project or home renovation to be a success you should make plans in advance to store your home furnishings elsewhere, and there is no better place than self storage or self storage shipping containers for this purpose.

Self storage has become quite common in places such as Sheffield and Leeds. Many families and businesses now find that they cannot live without access to a self storage service. They use it to store items that they don’t use on a daily basis, old furniture that they aren’t prepared to sell, hobby items and even school projects and school supplies. Even small businesses have found many creative ways to utilise the extra storage space these self storage service providers offer you. Have a look here we dedicated an article to just this subject: 5 Interesting and Creative Ideas for Use of Self Storage in Leeds

Many are also turning to self storage during building works, interior design projects and home renovations.

To help you along here are a few self storage ideas and tips that you can follow during your next home renovation project.

Home renovation self storage tips

Self storage containers to the rescue of your storage problems during any home renovation project.

  1. Hire a self storage container.
    Unless you are renovating all the rooms in your home at once just one self storage shipping container should be enough to hold your items while the contractors complete your project. If they are moving their work from room to room you should pack away the rooms that they are working on to give them room to work and when they are finished with a room you can bring back the items that belonged there. The now empty container can be used to pack items from the next room that the renovators will be working on.
  2. Prepare all your electronics and fridge for storage.
    One of the best interior design self storage ideas is packing away all your electronics. During home renovations items like fridges, TVs, stereos and others can easily get damaged. If you aren’t planning to replace any of these items after you completed your home renovation. You can pack them all away so you are not exposed to accidental damage during the renovation period. Clean all your electronics before you pack them away safely. Take particular care with the cables, leads and or cords. They first should be folded neatly. Then tape them to the device after you labelled all parts. Do not forget to empty your refrigerator and wipe it down with a soapy cloth after which your rinse it with fresh and clear water. Store it in the self storage container with the door slightly open so is stays aerated and wont start to smell.
  3. Why self storage always makes sense during any renovation project.
    You may feel reluctant about hiring a self storage container for your home  renovations. Maybe, you are asking yourself why you should spend money when you can just pile your belongings in other rooms not being worked on? The problem with this is that the rooms become ever more cluttered. leaving you with much less space to live. Remember, even as your home renovations is under-way your family will need somewhere where they can eat, sleep and socialise comfortably. Using a self storage container ensures that there is enough room in your home for everyone to carry on as usual.
  4. De-clutter your home.
    One of the best building self storage ideas or tips we can give is to use it to de-clutter your home. After your home is renovated you will want it to look as good as new and the only way to achieve that is by getting rid of items that you don’t use. You can throw out whatever you think you don’t want to hang on to. But if you own items with sentimental value you could keep them safe in the self storage container or service you hired. It will allow you to store any items which you wont to save guard for later. Don’t forget you could make some charities very happy with any of your unwanted items.
  5. What happens when you don’t have enough room in your home to store renovation materials, tools and supplies the workmen need?
    It is never a good idea to store them in your home as they make it even messier, and if they are stolen or lost you may incur liability. You can, however, use the same self storage container or service nearby to also allow your contractor access to it so they too can use it whenever they need extra storage space during the renovation. They can fetch whatever they need for each day’s tasks.

Which type of renovator, contractor or interior designer to choose for your project?

Home renovation self storage tips and ideas

Are you planning to renovate a bathroom or kitchen?

Boylin’s recommend contractors such as :

  • For residents from Nottingham, Boylin’s recommends Design Time Ltd, they are the local market leaders for kitchen and bathroom makeovers.
  • For residents from Barnsley, Boylin’s would trust companies such as The Kitchen Company. with its kitchen design and installation service.

It is always important you do your research before choosing a contractor. We are sure you can find excellent contractors wherever you might be living.

What is the best self storage service for home renovations?

There are many self storage facilities in Yorkshire so finding the right one can be quite a challenging task. Your biggest concern when you are choosing a self storage facility should always be security. The facility that you choose should have 24 hour CCTV surveillance and each container should have it’s own lock. Find out whether there have been any incidents in the past such as robberies or theft.

As for the size of container you need, the people at the self storage facility can help you choose the right one for your belongings. Just let them know the size of the rooms that you are moving the items out of and they will come up with an approximate size of container.  The better self storage service providers will have a varied number of sizes of self storage container for you to choose from.

Yes, they can handle big object such as boats, cars and any quad’s which need to be moved to make space at home. It is a good idea to hire a self storage container from a facility that offer them in different sizes. You should also look for one where all containers are on ground level because that way, you don’t have to carry heavy furniture items into stacked containers. Your container should be properly cleaned before you move your items in it and it should also be weatherproof. This ensure moist and water or rain can’t damage your goods while in storage.

Boylin’s self store offers this type of facilities for self storage during home renovation in many locations in Yorkshire and Britain so we are sure you can find one that is near you. We have always been very keen on security and your items will be safe for as long as they are with us. You can find out which self store suits your project best by visiting our store locator here.