Help, Tips and Ideas from the Self Storage Specialist at Boylin’s For Families with Messy Children

Barnsley self storage for messy kids

Over the years you have had to deal with your kids mess. You finally decided that it is time you found a permanent solution for the problem. Now you are set to invest in a Barnsley self storage based shipping container.

You are not alone. Talk to other Barnsley parents. They will tell you all that one of the most challenging things about having young and teenage children is that they are messy. Their belongings end up taking over the home.

A self storage container is an excellent idea. Your kids will know that their items haven’t been thrown out. In case they need them they will have access around the clock. It will help restore sanity in your home.

To get you started with your Barnsley self storage we have listed a few important tips for your new self storage solution.

De-clutter and select what to store in self storage

  • Let your kids be part of the process. This is an important step. If you store your children’s items without their involvement it can lead to chaos and raised tempers. What happens when one of them urgently needs something for school or sport only to realise that it is in a self storage container a few miles away?
  • You may be wondering whether getting your kids involved is a good idea at all. Won’t they just want to keep everything? What you may not know is that children are confused when they have too many options to choose from. They may be messy and untidy because they have too many toys, clothes, books and so on. The best thing to do is to ask them to choose a few of everything that they wish to keep and all the rest goes into storage. Set a limit if you like. You can, for example, tell them that they can only keep one of each type of toy, a certain number of books, clothes that were bought in the last 6 months and so on. Ask them to bring everything else out and pack it ready for transport to storage.
  • Don’t just de-clutter your children’s rooms. If you want them to take the process seriously it is important to get rid of clutter from every room in your home and the garage. Look at all the items that you haven’t used in the last year. You probably will never need them. You can donate them to charity, and those that have sentimental value can be packed for self storage.

Barnsley self storage -Mum taking care of the mess left by the kids.

Student and holiday self storage

  • If your kids are already in university you should let them know that they will be storing their items in self storage shipping containers. When they are home for the holidays they should only bring home what they absolutely need. It would be a good idea if they packed up in school or at unie. When they arrive at home. All they need to do is take the boxes to the selected Barnsley self storage you have rented.
  • Tell your kids this self storage is not a one-off affair. Make them understand that every time they accumulate more than they absolutely need in their rooms. You will get rid of it by storing it in the container. More, you can throw out or sell what they no longer need. Keep only the most important stuff in self storage containers. This may seem a bit harsh but it will keep your home neat. It also gives you peace of mind. Best of all you teach your children the value of tidiness.

Last, but not least how to chose a Barnsley self storage provider.

Make sure that you choose a Barnsley self storage facility that is reputable. They should be able to provide the right container size for your needs.The container needs to keep your items safe for as long as they will be in self storage. Ensure that all needed security measures are in place. If you will be storing any items of value you should consider taking out insurance just in case.

Our Barnsley based Boylin’s Self Store is one of the best self storage facilities inf your local area. We only offer safe and secure containers. Many sizes are on offer and we offer the most competitive rental rates.

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