Ground floor Storage Containers Available in Bradford with immediate access today

You are looking for self storage in Bradford and you keep coming across stacked containers. You want to rent them but only one thing stands in the way – the fact that the items you want to store are heavy and getting them up there and into a container will be a hassle. This is a common problem because so many self storage companies in the area stack their containers restricting ease of access. There is one though that has taken a lot of time to ensure that all their containers are on the ground level – Boylin’s Self Store. Boylin’s Self Store have invested in enough land in Bradford and neighbouring areas to make sure that all their containers can be accessed easily. They are all on the ground and clients can drive right up to them for easy placement and removal of items. This means less effort on your part regardless of what you want to store. In addition to that, Boylin’s is unique because: •    They have CCTV camera surveillance which means increased security. Whatever you store with them remains safe. They also have access systems to ensure that only authorised people can access containers. •    They store a large variety of things. There are people who store personal items, others who store inventory for eBay businesses, tradesmen who store their equipment and supplies and they even have businesses that store documents with them. In fact, they have recently invested in containers to store vehicles. •    All their containers are weather-tight meaning that you will find your items in the same condition as when you stored them regardless of how long they stay. It doesn’t matter whether it rains, shines or snows – nothing will get into the container. You will be happy to know that all containers are cleaned out completely before they are rented. •    They have containers in different sizes to suit the needs of different clients. You can rent just the amount of space that you need. In addition to that, they are very flexible when it comes to duration. Clients are able to get containers for as short as a week and as long as they want. •    Boylin’s Self Store is open year-round. You can access your container any time between 06:00 and 06:30 during the week, 08:00 – 16:00 on Saturdays and 08:00 – 14:00 on Sundays. There is always an employee around to provide assistance to those who need it. You can find out more by calling them on 01226 321800 or visiting their website,

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