Flying the Nest

Children growing up and leaving home can be a difficult time for some parents. Some struggle with empty nest syndrome and require a time of adjustment whilst their child embarks on the natural progression of building their own lives away from the family home. After some time has passed, you may begin to see more positives, such as reorganising your house and having time and space to take up new or deprioritised hobbies. This is where Boylin’s Self Store can help.

Sentimental Items

Parents may wish to keep their children’s things after they leave home for a variety of reasons. Some may do so because they have sentimental value, and they want to hold onto memories of their child’s childhood.  Others decide to hold onto certain items, such as baby clothes and toys in case their child has a baby of their own in future.  These items can take up a great deal of space in your home, even though you will not need to access them regularly. Hiring a container with Boylin’s Self Store ensures your beloved items are kept safely, all in one place, for when you need them.

Things They will Need in Future

If your child has gone travelling, or moved into small university accommodation, they will have left most of their belongings behind.  It can be useful to store their possessions for the future, for when they move into their first house or apartment. Boylin’s Self Store units can be easily accessed if your child needs to retrieve any of their items when they come home to visit.

Still holding on to too many family hierlooms?

Still holding on to too many family heirlooms?

Family Heirlooms

Many people hold onto items that have been in the family for generations, that they wish to hand down to their children to line their own nests. This may not be possible if the item is a large piece of antique furniture, and your child has moved into a furnished one-bedroom apartment. Boylin’s Self Store provides a convenient and secure place to store such belongings for when your child moves into more spacious accommodation.

Enjoying Your Time and Space

The extra room you create by using Boylin’s Self Store can be used for housing any equipment you may need to rekindle your hobbies


Many parents decide to move into a smaller, more manageable house after their children have flown the nest. Self storage allows you to safely store furniture, collectibles and other possessions that may no longer fit in your smaller place of residence.

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