Flexible Short or Long Term Storage Solutions Available from Boylin’s Self Store!

Flexible Short or Long Term Storage Solutions Available from Boylin’s Self Store!

Whether you are in need of a short or long term self storage solution, Boylin’s Self Store is here to help, with flexible, accessible and affordable storage containers for all!

We have complied a handy list to give you an idea of how versatile our storage unit’s are and provide you with inspiration of what a short or long term self storage unit could be used to store!

At Boylin’s Self Store we pride ourselves on the versatility of our containers and the diverse nature of our clients from business to personal use, short or long term contracts, all of whom find successful and cost effective storage solutions through us.  So if you are in search of a self storage solution, we guarantee we have a container to suit you!

If You Travel a Lot a Short Term Self Storage Solution is what You need:

  • Self storage for your items while you work, study or travel abroad! Are you a business person who travels and works abroad, a student planning to further your year abroad or even a member of the armed forces being deployed to a remote location? If so, you need somewhere safe to store your extra belongings while you are out of the country. Our containers are perfect for anyone needing storage while you are abroad because at Boylin’s Self Store we offer a wide range of sized containers, ranging from small to large as well as our flexible rolling leases. So no matter how much you need to store or how long you are out of the country for we will have a solution to suit your specific needs.
  • Student belongings – if you are sick and tired of arduously carting all your items home every summer, only to move it back to your university city a few months later, invest in our cost-effective self storage units (for as little as £9.45pw, you can gain a completely safe and secure external space for your treasured belongings!). This is especially handy for any students of the university of Leeds or Sheffield as we have sites handily located in these cities. We also have sites all around the north of England such as: Barnsley, Bradford, Rotherham, Swinton and Wakefield. We are open during the convenient hours of 06:00 – 18:30 Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 Saturdays, and 08:00 – 14:00 Sundays. All so we can be as close and accessible to you as possible in your hour of need.

Short Term self storage can make travelling, studying and working abroad easier while your belongings stay secure and protected.

Keep Bulky or Valuable Items Safe with a Short Term Self Storage Unit:

Free Your Home from Clutter while Preserving & Protecting Beloved Items with a Short Term Lease:

  • Clutter that no longer has a place in your home, but you cannot part with due to sentimental value is a prime example of items you could store in a short term leased storage container. As we have all been staying inside a lot more due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, it has been the prime time to declutter your home in order to relieve some of your stress and make more space for the members of your family. If during your clear out, you stumbled upon items you cannot part with but do not currently fit in your crowded home, a short term self storage unit is the perfect solution.
  • Children’s toys that dominate your home could be easily stored for short periods of time on rotation in a self storage unit. This means more space, less stress and more enjoyment for the kids as they will not become bored with their overwhelming amount of toys strewn about the house.

What can be Stored in a Long Term Storage Unit?

A long term lease on a self storage unit is perfect for business owners! In a long term leased storage unit you could store:

  • Business inventory – this is especially appropriate for eBay, Depop and Vinted seller’s, as you can store your inventory in your storage unit long term while your business grows from a small business into a blossoming bigger business model! Moreover, this will free up so much space in your home leading to less stress, less clutter and a better work/life balance. Furthermore, you will ensure your inventory is safe and secure as every single one of Boylin’s Self Store containers are wind and water tight as well as completely secure. All of our sites benefit from state of the art CCTV and barrier controls which are only accessible through individual key or fob.
  • Accounting records and business documents – our units are the perfect secure archiving service, as we can ensure your important, confidential business documents are safe from theft or elemental damage.
  • Tradesman tools, materials, equipment. These items can all too often be a bulky and cumbersome source of stress when kept at home, taking up valuable space. Moreover, these materials can also represent a hazard in the house, especially if children are running around, as dangerous tools or heavy objects could injure someone. By keeping your tools and equipment in a storage unit, you not only free up space in your home, but you guarantee the safety of your family and keep your valuable, crucial tools secure.

Valuable Vehicles are Best Stored in a Long Term, Secure Storage Unit:

  • Many people come to us with the need to store a wide variety of vehicles such as: classic carsfamily cars, caravans, boats and bikes. Our containers will make your storage experience hassle-free as all of our units benefit from convenient ground floor accessibility. So you can drive your vehicle directly up to and into your container. Therefore, you can store your vehicle smoothly, street free, and retrieve it effortlessly whenever you so wish! A long term contract is well suited for storing such vehicles as once you experience the liberation and security of storing vehicles in a storage unit rather than on your drive or in your garage it is hard to go back to the anxiety inducing, cluttered solution of the past. If you store a vehicle with us long term we can guarantee its safety and ensures it remains a source of enjoyment rather than resentment.

Boylin’s Self Store Provides Flexible, Short & Long Term Leases
Designed to Make Your Life as Easy as Possible!

At Boylin’s Self Store, we are storage experts with a dream to reach as many people as possible, providing those in need with simple and secure self storage solutions!

We are so dedicated to this dream that we have been worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, continuously and conscientiously finding storage solutions for anyone in need!

You can also visit our news page for consistent and informative content regarding self storage tips and tricks to help you out further!

We provide All of these Services, from Flexible Leases, Versatile Containers, Cheap Prices and Accessible Locations so that you can find your self storage solution as easily as possible.

Contact us today by emailing info@boylinsselfstore.co.uk or calling us on 01226 321 800.

Whether is short or long term leases that you’re after, you are welcome to join the Boylin’s Self Store community whenever you need us!

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