FAQ’s about storage facilities


What can I use storage facilities for? Although most people assume that storage facilities are used for storing personal items such as excess household items, there is no reason that you cannot use storage facilities for your business. You can use them to store inventory, documents and whatever else is taking up space in your offices. Should storage containers be stacked? Most storage facilities stack containers because they don’t want to invest in space to ensure that everything is on ground level. Stacking containers presents two problems: the first is that it becomes difficult for clients to move items in or out of the container, the second and more serious problem is the risk that you could fall down and get seriously hurt as you store or remove items. Are all storage facilities secure? The best storage facilities are the ones that have 24 hour CCTV surveillance as well as additional locks on the containers themselves – Boylin’s Self Store provides such security measures. Only the owner of the container and anyone they authorise can have access to the container Do all storage containers come in the same size? You may notice that most storage facilities have containers that are the same size. This is not great because it forces people to lease space that they really don’t need or can even mean that the space they are given isn’t big enough as time goes on. The best storage facilities are the ones that have containers of different sizes so that people can rent only as much room as they need – facilities like Boylin’s Self Store How do I know how much space I need? You will know the answer to this question by packing your items carefully in boxes and then estimating the amount of space they can occupy. Alternatively, there are online meters that can help you calculate based on the room that the contents have come out of. If this doesn’t work for you just come to one of our Yorkshire storage facilities and ask our employees to help you work out the size of container that you need. Will my items get moisture damage when the weather changes? You obviously don’t want any damage to your items due to the weather happen but it often does because facilities don’t invest in waterproof containers. If you want your items to remain in perfect condition then the best facilities to use are the ones that invest in weather proof containers such as Boylin’s Self Store. Are there rental limits? There are many storage facilities that force clients to take containers for a minimum of a month or 3 months. This obviously ties you down. If you look carefully however you will find that there are some that will only require a minimum of 1 week – we only require a minimum of 1 week’s rental at Boylin’s Self Store.

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