Retires Helped in Downsizing with Self Storage Solutions from Boylin’s in Bradford

Downsizing Retire Self Storage service by Boylin's

Boylin’s Self Storage in Bradford offers Downsizing Retire Self Storage support at affordable prices. As a Bradford home owner who is coming up for retirement soon one of the changes you may be looking to make is downsizing. Retirement brings about a lot of changes, and you may as well downsize during the process.

Why using Downsizing Retire Self Storage makes sense?

Downsizing, according to many people, means getting rid of possessions that they have owned most of their adults lives and this is not an easy thing to do. That is why we are prepared to help you do it. Boylin’s Self Store is a self storage company or service provider with an excellent facility in Bradford. More we offer similar services in most of our stores across the UK.

One of the things we do is provide advice to retires who want to make changes at this time of their lives. The first thing we would like to tell you is that downsizing doesn’t mean that you have to part with your possessions forever. You can store them with us and retrieve them at any time you want.

You may be torn when it comes to downsizing – should you or should you not?

The best way to obtain an informed answer is to consider the pros and cons. The only ‘con’ we could think off is that you will no longer get to see items that you are used to having every day.

The pros, however, are considerable if you take into account the following:

  • You will get a chance to get rid of all the clutter that you have accumulated over the years. As you brought up a family there are a lot of items that you acquired but no longer use. Some of these you may be attached to while some need to go. When you downsize you get the opportunity to sort through everything so that you can sort through everything you should keep and what you should throw away or donate.
  • When you downsize you can move to a smaller house. By the time you retire your children have moved out and you don’t need all the extra rooms in your home anymore. If you keep on living in a big home you will be paying unnecessary maintenance costs – you can use this money to make your retirement a richer experience.
  • By downsizing you reduce your possessions so that you can move into a smaller space that has only the amount of room that you really require or need.
  • Downsizing is also allowing for a clean start. You want to start a new chapter of your life when you retire. One way to do that is to get rid of items that you don’t need any more.

Tips for downsizing retire self storage

The first thing we like to tell retires who visit us at Boylin’s Self Store is that the process will not be an easy one, and often can be emotional.

Getting rid of items from your home will take time, and you may feel like it way too hard to let go.

There are a few ways that can make this process easier.

  • The first thing you should do is inform your family about your intention to downsize.
  • Ask your children to come home and pack away anything that they would like to keep and either throw out or donate the rest. This will make sure that a lot of the clutter will disappear and make things easier for you.
  • After that, go through the rest of the rooms and sort through what you want to keep and what needs or can be donated to a good cause.
  • Items that are old or broken should be thrown away.
  • Make sure that you buy or save plenty of boxes as well as newspaper and bubble wrap to protect delicate items when packaging the items away for self storage.
  • Pack everything away safely and make sure that all similar items are packed together.
  • Label the boxes to make retrieval easy.

Once all this is done you can start transporting or moving the boxes to our Bradford Self Storage facility. There will be always be an employee on-site to help you choose a storage container of the right size.

If you want to book a container in advance or need more information,  please do not hesitate to contact us on 01274 737597.