Document archiving: a Human Resources nightmare that we can solve!

In the UK, you are required by law as the owner of a business to keep employee records for a certain period of time. How long depends on the kind of document it is – some are required for a few years but there are others that you are required to keep for longer. The problem is that most small businesses don’t have enough space to keep all the human resources documents that they generate – they don’t have archive rooms the way large businesses do. That is where self storage comes in. This is a perfect document archiving solution that many businesses are turning to today. Those in Barnsley, Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford, Rotherham, Sheffield and Swinton-Mexborough are choosing Boylin’s Self Store.We have proved different from other storage facilities because we take extraordinary steps to make sure that everything that is stored with us remains in the best condition for the duration. We are the storage facility of choice for the following reasons: •    As we have just said, security is our biggest priority. We have 24 hour CCTV cameras watching the facility and in addition to that, We have additional restrictions on each container to ensure that only those who are authorized have access. You never have to worry that any of your documents will fall into the wrong hands.•    One of the biggest problems when it comes to storing documents is the fact that they get damp. Boylin’s are aware of this and that is why all our units are weatherproof. It doesn’t matter whether it rains or snows; you can be sure you will find your HR records in the same condition as when you stored them regardless of how long they have been in storage.•    We have containers of different sizes so businesses rent only the number of containers they need. You get a container immediately you ask for one – other storage facilities usually require clients to wait until a container is free.•    All containers are on ground level which makes it easy to store and remove documents. There is enough room between containers to allow clients to drive right up to the door.•    The rental process is easy – all you need is business identification and an address. You will be asked to pay a small deposit amount along with the first month’s rental fee which is reduced for all clients – for the first month you pay half the rental fee only. You can find out more about our business storage facilities by calling Boylin’s Self Store on 01226 321800 or visiting our website

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