Document Archiving: Have You Considered Self-Storage?

We currently live in a digital age. Since most things are done using computers, the use of paper is on the decline and archiving electronic files is as easy as pressing a save button. However, there are numerous scenarios where you may have to archive actual paper documents. Files which predate the digital era are only available on paper. In some cases, you may even have to have physical copies of important documents to meet legal regulations. Efficient archival of such documents is important because their loss could have serious ramifications. Self-storage provides a wide range of archival options and has numerous benefits as well. Here is a look at some of them: Storage Costs You may be thinking that self-storage is an expensive option. However, you are getting considerable return on investment in terms of office space. In London, office space could cost as much £100 per square foot, depending on your location. This, coupled with service charges and other costs, makes office space in the city extremely expensive. By choosing a self-storage facility for your filing needs, you will be able to use your costly office space for other more productive purposes. Our Self Storage Locations have dry storage space available from just £16.99 per week for a 150sq ft container. Document Protection Documents are safer in a place that is not frequented by people – which is not the situation in your office. Moreover, your office is also susceptible to water damage, fire and human errors. A self-storage facility is highly secure and not open to the elements. By choosing a location that offers guaranteed dry-storage, you can rest assured knowing that your important documents are protected from water damage. Increased Productivity Archiving documents can be a long and arduous process. Even if you have hired third-party to do the archival for you, your office space is still being used to store the documents and you are still lending your valuable time to the project. A better option would be to store the files at an off-site self-storage facility and providing the archiving company access to it. We are able to offer advice on the efficient storage of files within the self-storage unit, allowing you to save time, space and minimise disruptions. At first glance, using a self-storage service for document archival may not seem like a great idea. But when you look at it closely, self-storage provides numerous benefits which may to too good to pass up.

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