Declutter your mind! Yes our Boylin’s Sheffield self store can help!

Your Sheffield home is so full of clutter and it bothers you a great deal – your family can’t get around the way they would like to and it is also interfering with your decor. We are here to help. At Boylin’s Self Store it is our job to store your items for you so that you can have the kind of home that you would like.

All you need to do is sort through the clutter and then throw out what you don’t need – whatever is left you can bring to us to store for you in a container for as long as you want. There are several reasons why we are the leading Sheffield self storage facility: •    We offer top notch security. We have 24 hour CCTV surveillance and additional access barriers so that only you can access your container. You will not have to worry about losing items if you store them with us. •    Our containers come in different sizes. In many Sheffield self storage facilities you will find that containers come in only one size which means that you may end up renting space that you do not need. You will not have to worry about that at Boylin’s Self Store. You can start off with a small container and then if your storage needs grow you can upgrade to a bigger one. •    All our containers are climate controlled. Changing weather can be a problem when items are stored in containers – heat causes condensation which in turn can cause rust, warping and all kinds of damage. Whatever items you store with us will remain in the same condition. •    If you are storing items for the first time you may have a hard time knowing how much space you need and even how to store. Fortunately, in all our facilities there is always an employee present to help you figure out the right size of container and also show you how to place your items so that removing them is easy. We recommend that you pack everything safely in labelled boxes to make things easy.

•    You can get a container the same day you ask for it and our prices are highly affordable if you compare them to the quality of storage that you get. Contact us today on 0114 2617984 to discuss all your personal storage needs and we will be pleased to discuss all aspects of your personal storage requirements. Our Staff are highly trained and supportive of our customers needs. They will help you work out exactly what is required for your personalised storage. Or simply visit us on: 

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