Data Protection is an important issue; store any archived documents safely with us for as long as you like


As the owner of a Yorkshire business you are aware that it is vital that you protect your employee data. Whether it is their resumes, their personal information, their application letters or just internal correspondence you have to do whatever is necessary to make sure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands – you could end up with a lawsuit in your hands or worse still, it could endanger the lives of your employees and their families. In addition to that, you need these documents in case they are required for reference in the future. That said, there simply isn’t enough room in most businesses for documents to be stored. The average business spends a huge chunk of money on rent, and storing documents internally means that they have to fork out even more for additional storage space. Do not despair and give up yet; there are business storagesolutions such as Boylin’s Self Store that can help you out. Boylin’s Self Store is a Yorkshire company that has invested in shipping containers that can be used in document storage and document archiving. There are several things that make Boylin’s Self Store suitable for this kind of storage. The first is how secure their containers are. All of them are monitored 24 hours a day using CCTV cameras to ensure that there is no unauthorized access. Additionally, each has access barriers so that only the people you give permission to can get in. Weatherproofing is a big deal when it comes to document storage. If you store them in a place where condensation forms or where water can leak in they will be ruined. To this end Boylin’s has invested in weatherproof containers to ensure that all documents that are stored with them remain in perfect condition. In case you are wondering whether you can be able to access your container any time you want the answer is yes – Boylin’s is open from sunup to sundown every day. Lastly, this Yorkshire storage company has gone a long way to ensure that businesses don’t rent containers larger than necessary. They buy theirs in different sizes so that you only rent the amount of space that you need. If as time goes by you need more space then you can move on to a bigger container. You can find out how to rent a container for your company documents on Boylin’s Self Store website,

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