Convenient Self Storage Solutions in Bradford

Finding a place to store things in Bradford can be tricky. There is always the risk of theft or damage to your goods because you can’t keep an eye on them all the time. We have the Bradford self storage solutions for you. Our containers are on ground level which makes it easy for you to load your items – with our storage containers in Bradford you can keep your extra vehicle, office documents and even eBay inventories safe and secure. We have CCTV and barrier controls that are monitored to make sure that your belongings stays safe. The containers are water tight and wind tight and are an effective solution to your storage problems. There is no need for you to lay awake at night and wonder if your storage container is safe in a rain storm or that anything will be stolen. The containers can store any personal belongings, tradesmen can store their tools and our containers are perfect for eBay traders to store inventory.  All our personal self-storage containers are valeted before you move your things in and you can be sure that it will be clean and dry. Some of the tradesmen that are using our self-storage solutions are electricians, plumbers, builders, landscape gardeners and cleaning companies. They use our containers because it is easy accessible, clean and affordable and they know their equipment is safe all the time. All they do is drive up to their container and load the things that they need for the day’s work and when they are done they just unload and it is done. There is no hassle of getting someone to help because the containers are too high, the ground level containers are accessible all the time. So if you have personal or work documents that need to be stored because your office are starting to have a lack of space, you can use a storage container that will be dry, clean and wind free to store your documentation safely. Containers are affordable for everyone no matter what you want to store. We have ten, twenty and forty feet containers that you can choose from. We can assist you in choosing the right container for whatever you want to store. So if you need self -storage in Bradford, give us a call on 01274 737 597 or visit our website at for more information on your storage needs.

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