Business and personal storage solutions all in one location

When you are looking for storage you want to find a facility that is a one stop shop – one that can allow you to store anything you like so long as it is legal. One such facility is Boylin’s Self Store. Boylin’s has been providing personalstorage for several years now and they have containers in Wakefield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Wakefield, Bradford and Leeds. Boylin’s provides all kinds of storage including: •    Business storage If you run a small business you probably struggle with space for inventory – you don’t have enough room at home to keep everything there and you also don’t want to waste your profits paying for a warehouse. If you go to Boylin’s you can rent a container and store your inventory at very reasonable fees. It will allow you to buy large amounts of goods so that you can qualify for discounts. •    Document storage As a business owner you want to make the most of your office space. The problem is that all the document that you generate on a day to day basis end up taking up space – they have to be kept somewhere. You can free up your office for more profitable use by storing your documents at Boylin’s Self Store. Their containers are all very safe and your documents will not be breached in any way. Since their storage containers are weatherproof you don’t have to worry about your documents getting damaged. •    Tradesman storage As a tradesman you have to store your tools and supplies somewhere. Whether you are an electrician, plumber, gardener or landscaper you want to make sure that they are safe – tools and supplies are expensive and you cannot afford to lose them. If you don’t have enough room at home this can be a challenge – leaving them overnight in your van is a huge risk as it can be broken into and they can be stolen. The best thing that you can do is rent a container for them at Boylin’s Self Store. They will be safe, you can get them any time you want and best of all it is an affordable solution. •    Personal storage It is normal to gather clutter in the home – you buy more and more stuff but are not necessarily willing to throw it out. You can get your home better organized by hiring a container at Boylin’s Self Store. You can store items that you don’t use every day there and free up room in your home. •    Hobby storage If you are a collector you know how fast you can run out of space at home to store your collectables. There is no better place for them that at Boylin’s Self Store. Whatever your storage needs you can hire a container today by visiting

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