Bradford Self Storage Facility – Introductory Offer still available!

Boylin’s Self Storage is is pleased to remind everyone that  the introductory offer at our Bradford Self Storage facility is still available with a 150 sq ft storage container available for just £18.99 per week. The facility is intended to accommodate all kinds of storage needs, both business and personal.

Many businesses all over England are now choosing to store inventory and documents in storage facilities in order to cut costs. With businesses continuing to generate paper and with costs higher than ever they are choosing self storage because it is both cheap and safe. E-bay businesses are also choosing self storage. Their business model requires that they buy items in bulk in order to make better margins. Most of these businesses are small and don’t have large budgets for office space thereby resorting to self storage. Trades people are also using self storage because it is a safe place to keep their supplies and their tools. We invite anyone to come and visit our facility to view the state of the art security and our high quality, clean storage containers that guarantee to keep your items dry. There are CCTV surveillance cameras that monitor all areas at all times and there are also additional access controls that allow authorised entry only. The units are all on the ground making it easy to get items in and out. They are all water and wind tight and each is cleaned before a new tenant can store their items. Clients pay half price for the first month’s rental and the units can be rented for a minimum of a week and as long as a client desires. Long term rentals are entitled to discounts and there is a refundable deposit of £50 for all units. To rent a unit is easy – all you need to provide is proof of ID and proof of address. For those who are not sure what their storage needs are there are employees on hand to give advice. You can find out more about Boylin Bradford Self Storage by calling 01226 321 800 or by visiting our website –

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