Boylin’s Roadmap to Successful Self Storage This Summer!

Boylin’s Roadmap to Successful Self Storage This Summer!

With Boris Johnson’s most recent announcement regarding the roadmap out of Covid restrictions, we at Boylin’s Self Store want to provide you with a roadmap to successful self storage to ensure this summer is one to remember!

By investing in affordable, local, self storage with Boylin’s Self Store you can guarantee that this summer is stress free, so you are able to go out and enjoy our summer of freedom without any lingering distress.

Why do I need Self Storage this Summer?

This summer more than ever people are going to be rushing outside to soak in the sun, spend time with friends and family and make memories on holiday with loved ones after a year of Covid restrictions.

Therefore, you do not want to be distracted by any linger anxiety or clutter caused by lack of storage space. A self storage unit is useful for storing summer essentials that take up too much space at home but serve to make a memorable, fun filled summer.

It’s all well and good to store such seasonal items in a shed, garage or attic. However, those with smaller properties may not benefit from these privileges.

Thus these seasonally useful items that clutter your already crowded home can be handily and accessibly stored in a safe and secure storage unit.

It is unfair that those with smaller properties are often unable to possess bulky summer essentials such as a caravan, water sports equipment or garden furniture due to a lack of storage space. Therefore, now is the perfect time to invest in these dream items to ensure this summer is as special as possible, alongside the worth while investmeant n storage space in which to keep and protect these coveted items.

In order to keep your treasured seasonal items safe from theft or harsh weather conditions and to free up space in your home, invest in in self storage and you’ll have a handy, affordable, accessible, external space to store all anything your heart desires this summer!

In summary, without self storage, your home is at risk of becoming cramped and disorganised this summer creating anxiety and preventing you from fully enjoying your summer of freedom.

But with a storage unit, you can maximise your fun and storage space to make your summer as special and stress free as possible!

Summer Essentials Can Be Handily, Accessibly Stored With Boylin’s Self Store

  1. Store Your Caravan

At Boylin’s Self Store we are aware that a caravan is the perfect vehicle to enable and enhance your summer holiday.

But when left on the driveway or in the garage your caravan is more vulnerable to theft, according to recent figures released by Shield Total Insurance, stating that 57% of caravan thefts take place from home. Moreover, it can be a cumbersome burden and source of resentment as it clutters up your driveway or garage. By storing your caravan in a storage unit, you will ensure your vehicle’s safety and that it remains a source of excitement, holiday fun and family memories this summer.

When storing your caravan or motorhome in a storage facility remember these key tips:

  • Secure all the caravans windows and rooflights.
  • Chock the wheels and leave the handbrake off to prevent brake seizure over long storage periods.
  • Remove all food and perishable goods and leave the fridge door ajar to prevent mould growth.
  • Drain the water system and toilet to prevent against frost and water pipes bursting

during if you are storing during the winter months.

  1. Store your Boat with Boylin’s Self Store

Store your Boat with Boylin’s Self Store - Father and daughter ina kayak

Similar to a caravan, a boat is a wonderful vehicle during the summer for family bonding and adventure Yet it is undeniably a bulky item that needlessly clutters up your garage or shed. Therefore, it’s a good idea to store it in a storage unit.

What you need to know before you store your boat:

  • Have your boat serviced before you put it in storage, make sure that all mechanical parts are in good working order. This way you can take it out whenever you wish and it will be ready for use.
  • Clean your boat before you store it as residual salt water can cause rust.
  • We recommend that clients sit their boats on a trailers when they are storing them as this makes it so much easier to retrieve in the summer. Therefore, make sure you chose a storage unit that will fit both your boat and trailer inside it.
  • Cover your boat up in order to keep dust off your boat, so that you don’t have to spend time cleaning it when you pick it up.
  1. Fun in the Sun with Well Stored Water Sports Equipment

Fun in the Sun with Well Stored Water Sports Equipment - Young family having fun together in pool

Items such as inflatable lilos, jet skis, wet suits and surf boards serve for lots of fun in the water during the warm sun. However they can be a pain to store when its chillier, however Boylin’s Self Store is the perfect place to store such items!

  1. Garden Furniture and Tools

During the summer items such as outdoor dining tables, sofas, parasols and a fire pit are amazing as they allow you and the family kickback in the garden, dining, relaxing and soaking up the sun.

However, if you leave this furniture out or in a cold and leaky garage or shed during the colder, rainy months, it can be severely damaged and rusty. This means you’ll have to fork out to replace this furniture. Moreover, if your attempt to store these items inside your home they can take up considerable space, meaning your home is more cramped and stressful.

Furthermore, the summer is the perfect time to crack out your gardening tools to keep your green space thriving and flourishing. Yet without a garden shed, your expensive and bulky tools can be in danger of damage or becoming cumbersome in your home. Therefore, its best to store all garden furniture and tools in a self storage unit.

  1. BBQs

In the summer one of the best things to do is to crack out the BBQ and gather with friends and family for food and drink in your sun soaked garden. Yet again, a BBQ when not in use can become a large piece of clutter taking up space in your home. Thus a self storage unit is the best place to store your BBQ and you can swiftly collect it whenever the sun shines.

Why Choose Boylin’s Self Store As Your Summer Storage Provider?

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Boylin’s Self Store is here to help Your Family Seize this Summer Safely & Affordably.

Make Your Summer of Freedom Special & Stress Free with Boylin’s Self Store.