Are You A Tradesman Looking For Storage For Your Equipment? Look No Further Than Boylin’s

As a tradesman in Leeds or Bradford, you want to have a place where you can store your equipment and supplies safely and which is convenient for you to access. You may not have room in your house or garage to do this. Storing overnight in your van is also not a good idea as it may attract vandals. That is why a self storage is such a great solution. This kind of storage is safe and it is affordable. One of the best places that you can rent for storage is Boylin’s Self Store. It is storage that is hassle free and that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some of the reasons you should rent a storage unit from us: •    We have some of the best security you can find. We have CCTV surveillance cameras trained on all areas of out facility, monitoring 24 hours a day. In addition to that we have invested in access controls so that only you can access your unit. •    All our containers are weather proof. Don’t worry about your supplies and equipment being damaged by water. We inspect every unit on a regular basis to make sure that it is airtight. •    You can get a container with us right away because we have invested in a good number of them. It will be cleaned before it is rented to you. You can rent it for as short as 1 week and for as long as you like. •    We know our customers hate to be hassled and that is why we have made renting with us pretty easy. All you need to do is show ID and leave a small deposit. •    All our units are on the ground unlike other storage facilities in the area that stack theirs. Better still, there is enough room so that you can drive your car right up to your container. •    Our customer service is excellent- there is always someone to provide help in case you need it. Our units are open all day every day and you can access yours any time you want. •    For your first month of rental we will charge you only half the price. It is hard to find a better deal than that. You can find out more by visiting our website,

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