Affordable, Weather Proof and Secure Storage in a Location That Suits You

As Yorkshire real estate becomes more and more expensive storage is becoming a problem both in homes and in offices. Fortunately, the emergence of self storage containers means that people no longer have to spend money renting additional rooms to store their items. Whether you are in Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Wakefield or Swinton-Mexborough there is one storage company that you can always rely on to store your items safely – Boylin’s Self Store. Boylin’s has been providing personal storage solutions for many years now and they have earned a reputation as one of the most reliable storage companies in the area.

One of the things that make Boylin’s Self Store so unique is their approach to security. They understand that people will not store with them unless they are sure that their items are completely secure. That is why they have installed 24 hour CCTV surveillance on all containers. In addition to that there are access barriers in each so that only the owner of the container can access it.

Boylin’s are also proud of the fact that their storage containers are all weatherproof. One of the most common complaints you will hear among people who have items stored in containers is that they got weather damaged – when the weather changes condensation forms and it can ruin items regardless of what material they are made of. By having weatherproof containers Boylin’s ensures that everything that is stored with them remains in the same condition as when it was stored.

Unlike most local storage facilities Boylin’s Self Store has invested in containers of different sizes ensuring that clients only rent the amount of space that they need. This way they don’t waste money paying for additional space that they may never use. In addition to that they can get containers the same day that they ask for them and all containers are cleaned before they are rented to new clients.

You may also like the fact that all containers are on ground level – one big problem with storage companies is stacking containers. When they are stacked they become hard to access and even dangerous because people can fall. By putting all containers on the ground clients at Boylin’s have an easy time putting in and removing items. In fact, there is enough room between containers that you can drive right up to yours.

You can find out more about Boylin’s Self Store on their website,

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