Affordable and Easy Accessible Vintage Car, Boat, Caravan & Vehicle Storage in Yorkshire!

Affordable and Easy Accessible Vintage Car, Boat, Caravan & Vehicle Storage in Yorkshire!

It can often be hard to know where or how to store your vehicle, but we at Boylin’s Self Store are here to provide you with advice and affordable and accessible vehicle storage! Whatever your vehicle, be it a vintage car, a caravan or a boat, we have a storage unit to suit your needs!

The Importance of storing Your Vintage Car:

At Boylin Self Store we know it is a difficult decision on whether to temporarily part from your treasured items, especially something as valuable as a classic car. But there are many reasons and benefits to storing your classic car in a storage facility:

We know how valuable your classic car is so you can rest assure that your car will be safe and secure as our units are wind and water tight as well as completely safeguarded. All of our sites use state of the art CCTV and barrier controls which are only accessible through individual key or fob. So you can rest easy knowing that your cherished vintage car is as well protected as possible!

Vintage Car and Vehicle Storage provided by Boylin's Self Store in Yorkshire!

Boylin’s Self Store’s Advice on How to Best to Prepare Your Classic or Second Car for Long Term Storage:

  1. Make sure that your car is completely clean before it goes into self-storage so that it does not rust while in storage.
  2. Drain your fuel tank in order to prevent the risk of fire. Remember to bring fuel with you to fill the tank up when you want to pick up your car. However, if your vehicle has a metal fuel tank you do not drain your fuel as this can cause rusting, instead you should add a fuel stabilizer to your tank.
  3. In order to keep your battery in good condition, disconnect the battery and keep it safely inside the car or in the storage unit so that it is there, ready and waiting to be reconnected when you want to pick up your vehicle.
  4. Keep a tire pump in your storage unit so that if your tires deflate while in storage, you can easily pump up your tires and drive your vehicle out of your storage unit when you please.
  5. We suggest that you come and drive your car once every few months to keep it in good working order. For a vintage car, it’s a good idea to have a mechanic come and check it every once in a while to ensure it remains in top condition and retains its value.

Our Handy Tips, Tricks for Caravan Storage.

At Boylin’s Self Store we are aware that a caravan is the perfect vehicle to enable and enhance your summer holiday. But during the winter months, your caravan a lot more vulnerable to theft when left on a driveway or in a garage, according to recent figures released by Shield Total Insurance, stating that 57% of caravan thefts take place from home, but can be a cumbersome burden and source of resentment as it clutters up your driveway or garage. By storing your caravan in a self storage unit, you will ensure your vehicle’s safety and that it remains a source of excitement, holiday fun and family memories.

Caravan Storage fir the winter periods by Boylin's Self Store in Yorkshire!

When Storing Your Caravan or Motor Home in a Storage Facility remember these Key Tips:

  • Secure all the caravans windows and rooflights.
  • Chock the wheels and leave the handbrake off to prevent brake seizure over long storage periods.
  • Remove all food and perishable goods and leave the fridge door ajar to prevent mold growth.
  • Drain the water system and toilet to prevent against frost and water pipes bursting during the cold winter months.
  • Store your keys in a safe, memorable place at home or within your storage unit so you don’t lose or forget them ready for when you want to access your motor home later in the year.

The In’s and Out’s of Boat Storage with Boylin’s Self Store.

Similar to a caravan, a boat is a wonderful vehicle during the summer for family bonding and adventure. However, during the cold winter months, water sports is unpleasant and impractical, and your boat can become a troublesome, bulky item that clutters up your garage or shed. Therefore, it’s a good idea to store it in a storage unit.

Easy and Affordable Boat Storage by Boylin's in Yorkshire!

But here is what You need to Know Before You Store Your Boat:

  1. Have your boat serviced before you put it in storage, make sure that all mechanical parts are in good working order. This way you can take it out in the summer it is ready for use.
  2. Clean your boat before you store it as residual salt water can cause rust.
  3. We recommend that clients sit their boats on a trailers when they are storing them as this makes it so much easier to retrieve in the summer. Therefore, make sure you chose a storage unit that will fit both your boat and trailer inside it.
  4. Cover your boat up in order to keep dust off your boat, so that you don’t have to spend time cleaning it when you pick it up.

Here are some of the Advantages of Choosing Boylin’s Self Store as Your Main Vehicle Storage Provider:

Price Match Garanteed

We at Boylin’s Self Store provide affordable, large storage units that can easily store large vehicles such as caravans, cars or boats. You are also ensured you are getting the best price for the space with our useful price match guarantee!

Our containers benefit from convenient ground floor accessibility, so you can drive your vehicle directly up to and into your container. Therefore, you can store your vehicle smoothly, street free, and retrieve it effortlessly whenever you so wish.

In fact, we have sites in a variety of different locations throughout Yorkshire including: Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Swinton and Wakefield, open during the convenient hours of 06:00 – 18:30 Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 Saturdays, and 08:00 – 14:00 Sundays. So whenever you want to drop off or pick up your vehicle there is a site near you, ready for your arrival!

In fact, we at Boylin’s have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic, signing people up and conscientiously and safely, in accordance with government guidelines, in order to provide storage solutions for anyone in need. Any and all inquiries regarding self storage should be sent via email to

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For Easy Accessible & Affordable Vehicle, Boat or Caravan Storage in Yorkshire, choose Boylin’s Self Store today!