A Starters Guide to the Ins & Outs of Self Storage in 2022!

A Starters Guide to the Ins & Outs of Self Storage in 2022!

Boylin’s Self Store is here to provide YOU with a detailed explanation of the ins and outs of self storage so you’re well informed and ready to invest in 2022.

So, if you’re beginning your self storage journey in 2022, this is the article for you!

In this starters guide to self storage we will explore how to choose a storage provider, what to do about insurance and how to make the most of your unit.

For trade secrets and expert advice to help you make the best, most informed choices when it comes to self storage, read on!

First things First, which Self Storage Provider will You Choose?

In order to safe guard your belongings you need to make sure that you choose a reputable storage unit provider.

By choosing a professional and reputable self storage company, you will have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure in the hands of self storage experts.

Therefore its best to shop around. Use Google to locate different self storage providers, and read up on their customer reviews, their star rating, their content, their location and their prices. Compare each provider until you find the right one for you.

While Boylin’s Self Store are a smaller business than our big brand competitors, we are experienced and skilled local storage experts who are dedicated to giving you the best deals and customer service that you deserve:

Therefore, by investing in Boylin’s Self Store container, you will gain a cost-effective, secure unit alongside friendly and qualified service, as verified by our happy customers.

Choose the perfect sized contianer for your self storage solution.

Size matters!

Find a Container that is Perfect for YOU!

It is important that you choose an appropriate sized unit, so that you have the correct amount of space for what you need to store. There is no point wasting your money paying for a unit larger than what you need.

Furthermore, the correct sized container will prevent you having to squeeze things in to make everything fit, which could damage your belongings and even be dangerous to anyone entering the unit if items fall. It will even make it easier to find what you need when you need it!

You must also consider practical elements such as the location of your storage unit – how far are you willing to drive each time you need to fetch something from your container? What hours are your storage provider open? Will their gates be closed when you’re in need? And are there annoying waiting periods or stairs to contend with when you’re struggling to move bulky items into your unit?

At Boylin’s Self Store we can offer you:

Insurance is Crucial for all Self Storage solutions.

Insurance is Crucial when it comes to Self Storage:

To ensure the safety of your treasured belongings it’s essential that you invest in effective insurance to keep your possessions covered.

The UK is fast-becoming a self storage nation. The demand for storage space among consumers and business has grown for a number of reasons, from moving home, downsizing, house prices soaring, need for more space to work from home during Covid-19.

In terms of the belongings, you can protect with storage insurance, these include:

  • Computer and electronic office equipment
  • Deeds, registered bonds, and other personal documents
  • Household furnishings, furniture, carpets, curtains, and home appliances, including gas and electric cookers and telephone equipment
  • Machinery, stock, tools, and plant
  • Personal possessions
  • Valuables

As well as protecting you in case your possessions are stolen while in a self storage unit, storage insurance also typically covers you against unpredictable and devastating risks such as: fire, earthquake, subsidence, storm, floods, sprinkler damage or vandalism. Moreover, if you’re storing clothes or soft furnishings, it’s a good idea to get insured against damage from moths and vermin.

You can shop around on insurance comparison websites such as Compare the Market and Money Super Market in order to ensure you get the best deal.

Organise Your Self Storage Space = You will get the Most for Your Money:

By optimising your storage container, you are making the most of your space and therefore getting the most for your money!

It is really important that you don’t just throw everything in.

This will make it difficult to find what you need as and when you need it.

Therefore we suggest that you pack your container logically and with care.

Follow our Top Tips to Gain an Optimised Storage Space:

  • Put the items that you will need most access to near the front of the unit, making them easy to grab quickly when you need them.
  • Label every box so you know exactly what it contains without have to root through it.
  • Organize boxes by room or use.
  • Pack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes to reduce the chance that someone will be harmed or things will be damaged if they topple over.
  • Allow for a clear path down the centre of your self-storage unit.
  • We also suggest that you make a map of your unit that details where you have stored each box in the container. This will make it easy to get at what you need quickly.

For further advice on the do’s and don’ts of self storage you can read our previous helpful article.

Make the Most of the Versatility of Your Self Storage Unit!

Don’t let your storage unit sit empty if you aren’t currently using it. Get your value for money!

Below is a thorough list of different ways you can utilise your storage unit:

  1. Business inventory. This is especially appropriate for eBay, Depop, Vinted or Etsy seller’s, as you can store your inventory in your storage unit! This will free up so much space in your home leading to less stress, less clutter and a better work/life separation.
  2. Accounting records and business documents. Our units are the perfect secure archiving service, as we can ensure your important, confidential business documents are safe from theft or elemental damage.
  3. Tradesman tools, materials, equipment. These items can all too often be a bulky and cumbersome source of stress when kept at home, taking up valuable space. Moreover, these materials can also represent a hazard in the house, especially if children are running around, as dangerous tools or heavy objects could injure someone.

Both Business & Personal Items are Perfect for Self Storage!

Both Business & Personal Items are Perfect for Self Storage!

  1. Storage for your items while you work, study or travel abroad! If you are you are a business person who travels and works abroad, a student planning to further your academic career abroad or even a member of the armed forces being deployed to a remote location, invest in a self storage unit to keep your belongings safe until your return!
  2. Student belongings. If you are sick and tired of carting all your items home every summer, only to move it back to your university city a few months later, invest in our cost-effective self-storage units. This is especially handy for any students of the university of Leeds or Sheffield as we have sites handily located in these cities.
  3. Furniture and kitchenware if you are moving house. You may require a unit to store items during the stressful moving process to make your move as smooth as possible.
  4. Protect your belongings during the messy redecorating process. Our facilities are perfect for storing large furniture items such as: desks, sofas, chairs, dining tables, fridges, washing machines. This will ensure that your belongings remain untouched and unscathed by paint or decorating debris, while also making space for decorators to carry out their job efficiently and easily.
  5. Clutter that no longer has a place in your home, but you cannot part with due to sentimental value.
  6. Children’s toys that are scattered on every floor in your home. Place them in self storage to free up space in your home and ensure that your children get the most out of their toys and are not overstimulated by lots of toys.
  7. Many people come to us with the need to store a wide variety of vehicles such as: classic carsfamily cars, caravans, boats and bikes.

Make the Smartest Investment in 2022 with Boylin’s Self Store!

We at Boylin’s Self Store provide storage facilities that are specifically suited to making your storage experience as easy and efficient as possible; all that so we can provide you with the best service possible when it comes to self storage!

We have helped so many people find a successful storage solution during this pandemic, why not you?

For more information about Boylin’s Self Store visit our website , and contact us with any and all inquiries regarding self-storage via email: info@boylinsselfstore.co.uk.

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