A Handy Self Storage Guide for Landlords!

A Handy Self Storage Guide for Landlords!

Our Handy Self Storage Guide for Landlords!

As a landlord, a storage unit is almost vital to your operations as renting a self storage unit can be helpful to you, especially in finding prospective tenants, keeping your current tenants happy, and making sure your properties are in tip-top shape.

Self storage is a service wherein you are provided with clean and secure private storage spaces, which you could use to keep furniture, appliances, clothing and equipment, and much more. If you are a landlord and intrigued by how self storage could benefit you, this is the article for you!

With the help of this handy guide, you will be able to determine why a storage unit is useful for your business, get a few tips on how to store your items in a storage unit, and get some ideas on how to save on storage costs!

Benefits of Using a Self Storage Unit For Landlords

Benefits of Using a Self Storage Unit For Landlords:

  1. Guaranteed Security From Theft: Every single one of Boylin’s Self Store storage containers are wind and water tight as well as completely secure. All of our sites benefit from state of the art CCTV and barrier controls which are only accessible through individual key or fob. Therefore, any and all belongings you place in a Boylin’s self storage unit is guaranteed to be safe and secure from theft and elemental damage.
  2. There Are Flexible Contracts and Diverse Sizes AvailableAt Boylin’s Self Store we want to accommodate you no matter how much stuff you have or how long you want to store it. Therefore, we offer storage units with a wide range of sizes varying from units that can fit anything from a few medium boxes to a small vehicle inside it. We also offer flexible long or short term contracts. So no matter what you are looking for, we have a storage unit to suit you.
  3. Cost Effective Investment: You’re keeping your property clean and organised, keeping your current tenants happy, and keeping your property attractive for prospective tenants all at an affordable cost! At Boylin’s Self Store we aim to give you the best deal possible as reflected through our cheap, cost-effective prices. You can even verify that you are getting the best deal through our handy price match guarantee, so that you know you’re in the safest, most affordable hands. For as little as £9.45pw, you can gain a completely safe and secure external space for your belongings! Moreover, we give you your second month’s rent for Half Price, just to give you an extra helping hand!

What can YOU Use a Storage Unit for?

  • Store Items That Your Current Tenants Don’t Need

While some tenants prefer to find a few appliances and furniture items when they move in, some, often long-term tenants prefer moving in with all of their belongings. They would want to use their own appliances and furniture instead of the ones that you’ve provided.

For tenants like the latter, you will need to find a place to store the items that your property currently has, and a storage facility may be just what you need.

At Boylin’s Self Store, all of our units are ground floor accessible, therefore you can easily store bulky furniture or appliances hassle free without grappling with pesky staircases.

  • Keep Handy Replacement Items

When you have a collection of properties being rented out, you will need to be prepared for anything. Whether it be a busted lightbulb, a chair with a missing leg, or a new TV in the living room, your tenants will be coming to you.

So, rather than keeping these objects cluttering up your own property, or going to the shop every time you need something, you may easily keep a few replacement pieces in a nearby storage unit. We have many accessible locations, such as: Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Swinton and Wakefield so we can be as close to you as possible. Our sites are available during our usual convenient hours 06:00 – 18:30 Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 Saturdays, and 08:00 – 14:00 Sundays. Therefore, no matter the time or your location we are here ready and open for you to grab any item you may need at a moments notice.

When showing your property to prospective tenants, you only have one chance to make a positive first impression. Therefore, make sure your property is in move-in ready condition by making all necessary repairs, cleaning and disinfecting the property, and lastly, decluttering.

You may use a storage unit to keep all the furniture and appliances out of the way during the repair, cleaning, and decluttering processes. You don’t want furniture lying around while you’re renovating your property as they will get damaged.

How to Minimise Your Self Storage CostsHow to Minimise Your Self Storage Costs -Make more money!

If you’ve now decided that you should go for a storage unit, and are now looking for ways to minimise your spending, here are some handy tips to help you save money:

  • Make Sure You’re Renting the Right Size

The storage unit size is the biggest factor to consider when determining how much you’ll be spending on a storage unit. So, before you sign a lease or pay the down payment on one, be sure you’re renting one that is sized appropriately based on your needs.

To make sure you are paying for an appropriately sized storage unit, you may refer to this storage size calculator.

To give you an idea of our fair prices, here is an outline of what sized container you can get for your money:

  • Average House / Room Size: 1-2 bed (60/80sq ft). Container Size Needed: 10ft containers (72sq ft). Prices from: £9.45pw!
  • Average House / Room Size: 3 Bed House (80/150sq ft). Container Size Needed: 20ft container (150sq ft). Prices from: £16.50pw!
  • Average House / Room Size: 4 Bed House (150/200sq ft). Container Size Needed: 40ft container (305sq ft). Prices from: £28.85pw!

You can use our interactive tool to help establish what size container you need! This will help to save you time, money and stress in your self-storage search!

  • Only Store What You Need

While the point of you renting a self storage unit is for you to hold on to things that you may need in the future, all the while keeping your property organised, you need to determine if you truly will find a purpose for the items you store.

Disposing of things that you won’t need or don’t have any use for will allow you to use a smaller unit, which will then reduce your self storage fees.

How to Properly Pack Your Items for Storage:How to Properly Pack Your Items for Storage

A self storage unit is super versatile as it can used to store a wide variety of items from vehicles to furniture, clothes to seasonal items. Read our previous informative article for a detailed list of what you can and cannot store in a self storage unit to inspire you .

Now that you know why a storage unit is beneficial to your property letting business, how to keep costs to a minimum and what can and cannot be stored in a self storage unit, it’s time for you to learn how to properly pack your items for storage.

Below is a list of items that landlords commonly put in storage and how you should pack them:

Fragile Items

For fragile and breakable items, make sure everything is individually wrapped in bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Keep them close together, avoid stacking them too high, and make sure they are labelled as fragile.


Do not store your couch or sofa without any kind of protective covering like cloth or plastic. This will prevent the fabric or leather from getting damaged or dirty.

Also, make sure to store them on their feet. Keeping them sideways or upside-down may cause structural damage.


Wrap mattresses in protective bags before putting them in storage. This will not only keep them clean and protect them from the elements, but also make sure they are protected from accidental damage in transit. Stand the mattresses upright and prop them against the storage unit wall to save some space.


Wipe down and keep the door of fridges, freezers, and similar items open before putting them in storage. Remove the shelves inside and use the space to store small, light items.

What can YOU Use a Storage Unit for?

Boylin’s Self Store Strives to Provide Storage Solutions for Landlords Up and Down the Country!

At Boylin’s Self Store, we are so committed to finding storage solutions that have worked diligently throughout the pandemic! We have been signing people up and safely providing storage solutions those in need, including many landlords and business owners looking for a self storage unit to aid and facilitate their business’s growth!

Visit our website here, and contact us with any and all inquiries regarding investing in self storage via email on info@boylinsselfstore.co.uk.

At Boylin’s Self Store we want to help as many business owners and landlords as possible to grow their businesses through self storage!