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Long-Term Furniture Self Storage and Preservation in Wakefield

Furniture Self StorageBoylin’s Self Store is a premier self storage solution in the UK for Furniture Self Storage. From business stock and inventory to vintage vehicles and old furniture – we are proud to be your source for the best in short-term or long-term self storage.

With multiple locations throughout the UK, our units are water proof and protected by 24/7 CCTV or camera surveillance.

With easy slopes for loading and unloading, all your treasured belongings are also protected by high-fences and a digitally gated area.

If looking for self storage Wakefield services, you simply need to visit our location. We have dedicated staff and on-site supply stores with everything you need for any self storage requirements. This includes boxes, along with tape, rope, and other essential accessories.

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Storing and Preserving Furniture the Right Way

We are always looking to help you maximize your storage unit space.

In fact, here are some vital tips on storing and preserving furniture and accessories at our Wakefield storage location:

1. Clean and Prepare It’s always best to clean your furniture before storing it. This way, you can preserve any wood, glass, or metal items for short-term or long-term storage. Keep your items separate from each other as possible. This will prevent mishaps such as scratches, marks, discoloration and more.

2. Disassemble Your Pieces It’s a great idea to disassemble pieces before you haul them to your unit. This way, you can easily store them – then reassemble them at home when you need them back. For example: remove legs from tables and sofas, as well as take out drawers from hope chests and dressers. You should also remove cushions from sofas and keep them in safe – moisture free bags or wraps. Always group items together and label them for faster access. For example: bedding, furniture, new furniture, TVs, entertainment centers, etc.

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3. Cover and Protect Your Units Bubble wrap is a great way to cover and protect your furniture and accessories. This is especially true for mirrors, lamps, framed pictures, chairs and table legs. You can also use cloths, covers, sheets and blankets to keep dust away. This will protect your items, while allowing the air to circulate. Best of all, they will be just like you left them when you are ready to pick them up.

4. Store Items the Right Way To maximize unit space, we recommend leaving space between items if possible. This allows air to flow freely between furniture, which protects them from damages and accidents.

Introduction offer £16.99 per week for 150sqftYou can find more information on our Wakefield Self Store Solutions here.
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