8 New Year Resolutions You Can Keep with The Help of Self Storage!

8 New Year Resolutions You Can Keep with The Help of Self Storage!

The New Year is a time for optimism and resolutions. It is a chance to draw a line under the old year and embrace the sense of purpose and renewal which this time of year can bring.

At Boylin’s Self Store we believe that we can make your new year resolutions come true with the help of self storage. The old cliché ‘New Year, New You’ can be a reality in 2022 with Boylin’s Self Store.

Cleanse, Declutter, and Step Into the New Year as the New You with Self Storage.

This new year is bound to still be cloaked in uncertainty, stress and tribulations what with the Omicron variant leading to a new spike in the Covid-19 virus; therefore the last thing you should be worrying about is your cluttered home. Boylin’s Self Store hopes to make your life a little bit easier and more joyful as you pursue your dreams and resolutions in 2022.

Some New Year Resolutions You Can Keep with The Help of Bpylin's Self Storage!

At Boylin’s Self Store, we are here to provide your family with the most accessible and affordable self storage solutions possible this year!

While we all continue to experience unprecedented stress due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a good way to cope is to tackle any factors that you can control. This includes your home and your storage solution.

Take control of your home, space and life this year with Boylin’s Self Store.

Boylin’s Self Store aim to make your resolutions a reality in 2022.

Don’t be among the 80% of people who break their new year resolutions within the first six weeks of the year in 2022! This year, let Boylin’s Self Store containers turn your 2022 New Year’s goals into habits!

Below we’ve listed a number of new year resolutions that can be brought to fruition with the help of self storage!

  1. Clean, Declutter and Get Organised

Once the family has cleared out and you have rested sufficiently post-Christmas, you may desire a change, to shake up your space, cleanse your energy and enter 2022 a new and fresh.

One of the best ways to take control of your space and make your home and yourself feel fresher is by deep cleaning. To completely cleanse your space you need to scrub the house top to bottom.

Deep clean your kitchen and bathroom, open up all the windows to air out the house. Take entering a new year as a period of renewal and productivity for you and your family.

After your deep clean it’s now time for the tidying and decluttering to commence! Go through each room of the house and sort your belongings into piles of ‘Keep’, ‘Storage’, ‘Donate’ and ‘Throw Away.’

A good rule to live by is that if you haven’t used something for longer than 12 months, it must face the de-cluttering process. It’s highly unlikely if you haven’t used an item in the last year that you will use it again, or get enough use out of it to justify its presence in your already cramped home.

For more tidying and de-cluttering advice, turn to the queen of de-cluttering, Marie Kondo by watching this informative and handy 10 minute video!

A self storage unit is the perfect place to store any precious items with sentimental value safely, if you can’t face parting with them completely.

Seasonal clothing, furniture pieces, holiday decorations, and memory boxes are great items to start with. They often take up space with little year-round usage and are easy to pack up and retrieve when you need them. You can also use your storage unit to store a key perpetrator of clutter – an excess of children’s toys.

  1. Finally Make The Move To Your Dream Home

If 2022 is the year that you’ve decided you’re going to make that move, a self storage room can help you along the way!

Start by decluttering your existing home to make it appear more spacious, and therefore valuable to buyers.

Secondly, you can use self storage to store all your furniture whilst you redecorate and renovate your new home. With secure self storage units you can trust Boylin’s Self Store to keep your precious things safe and sound whilst you get your new dream home ready to move-in to.

Boylin’s Self Store’s self storage containers are extremely secure, wind and water tight so we guarantee that your beloved, sentimental belongings will be safe and sound from potential theft or elemental damage. Furthermore, all of our sites have state of the art CCTV and barrier controls installed which are only accessible through individual key or fob.

  1. Redecorate and Rejuvenate Your Home

However, many of us cannot afford to move house in 2022 due to house prices soaring. But never fear, self storage is an excellent comprise and solution while you save for your dream property.

Moreover, self storage allows you to make room to renovate or redecorate your home! Using self storage when embarking on a DIY project can make the job quicker, safer and less expensive in the long run. Simply place items you don’t want to get damaged in a self storage unit and DIY, redecorate or renovate your home to your hearts content!

You will have more space to work in and this likely to make the job take less time overall. If you are using contractors to undertake any of the work for you, they are also likely to take less time, and therefore, charge less money, if they are working in a clutter free environment and not trying to work around your belongings and furniture.

  1. Manage Your Finances BetterManage Your Finances Better - Make more money or save more money!

If you already have a self storage unit you may want to root through and see if you can sell any of your belongings to kick off your new savings account?

If not, take a look around your home and chose a number of items you no longer use but have not found time or acceptance to let go of and put them in a storage unit. Return to your unit in 6 months. If you have not used the items, it’s time to sell them or donate them! You can now add to your savings and continue using this exercise as you feel comfortable.

The idea of only holding on to things you need will also help re-shape your purchasing habits. The next time you’re out and feel the impulse to make a purchase, consider the longevity of the item and whether or not it will end up in your storage unit in the next few months only to be resold for less.

  1. Start Your Own Business

More and more people are starting their own home businesses nowadays! This new year could be your time to make your business dreams come true!

Often the biggest obstacle to getting started or growing to the next level is a fear of having to take a long and expensive lease in a workspace, office or warehouse.

This is where self storage can help, renting a flexible storage space may mean you can start to grow your business at a comfortable pace, whilst starting the move away from home and instate work/life boundaries. If your business needs room to grow, or if you need a safe and secure location to store your stock self storage could be the answer!

You can read our previous helpful article about why self storage is a good investment for your business to help make your decision!

  1. Be More Active

Health and wellbeing resolutions will often appear near the top of people’s resolutions, especially following a little over-indulgence over the festive period.

But in the dreary month of January a trip to the gym is easy to pass up, as the membership is expensive and the journey is cold and dark after a long day at work.

But what if you could bring the gym to your home?

Use a self storage unit to declutter any room in your home to make space for your own work out space at home. You don’t need all the fancy equipment a gym has; all you need is enough room to lay out a yoga mat and a few small weights if you wish and you’re on your way to a healthier lifestyle in 2022.

  1. Take Up a New Hobby

The New year is the perfect time to pursue a new hobby to widen your skill set and fill your free time with.

  • Kayaking
  • Drumming
  • Golf
  • Paddleboarding
  • Cycling

Only problem is that all of these hobbies require bulky, space consuming equipment.

But at Boylin’s Self Store we don’t believe that a lack of space should hold you back from achieving your dreams. Therefore, by investing in self storage you’ll have a secure, external and accessible place to store your large hobby equipment!

At Boylin’s Self Store we provide a wide range of different sized containers, from small to large self storage units. Our larger units are perfect for storing larger items like furniture or bulky hobby equipment such as a drum kit or a paddleboard. Moreover, our containers are instantly available with ground floor accessibility to save you time and stress, and you can easily and hassle free store your furniture without struggling with stairs, lifts or waiting periods.

Study or Travel Abroad

Study or Travel Abroad

  1. Go Travelling Abroad

If you’ve spent years (especially the last 2 years stuck in lockdown after lockdown) wanting to travel to the sunny beaches of Australia, interrail around Europe or back pack through Mexico, 2022 could be the year for you.

Rest assured your personal belongings and precious items can be kept safe and secure in an affordable self storage unit with Boylin’s Self Store until you return.

Affordable, Local Self Storage Experts are here to Help YOU in 2022!

Affordable, Local Self Storage Experts are here to Help YOU in 2022!

To invest in Boylin’s Self Store is to invest in affordable, local, self storage.

Affordable: At Boylin’s Self Store we are dedicated to finding storage that suits you, taking into account your budget which we know will be especially tight following the expensive Christmas period.

Therefore, for as little as £9.45pw, you can gain a completely safe and secure external space! We even give you your second month’s rent for Half Price, just to give you an extra helping hand! You can even verify that you are getting the best deal through our handy price match guarantee.

Local: We have many accessible locations, such as: Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Swinton and Wakefield. Our sites are available during our usual convenient hours 06:00 – 18:30 Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 Saturdays, and 08:00 – 14:00 Sundays.

Dedicated Experts: With Boylin’s Self Store, you are in the most experienced and dedicated hands! At Boylin’s Self Store, we are so devoted to finding storage solutions for families like yours that we have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, signing people up and safely providing storage solutions those in need!

Visit our website here,  and contact us with any and all inquiries regarding winter self storage via email on: info@boylinsselfstore.co.uk.

Make your resolutions a reality this year with Boylin’s Self Store.

Best wishes for the New Year period from all of us at Boylin’s Self Store!

Best wishes for the New Year period from all of us at Boylin’s Self Store!