5 Interesting and Creative Ideas for Use of Self Storage in Leeds

Creative Ideas for self storage in leeds - Gym

Traditionally, shipping containers were mostly used for storage during transport of goods from the harbor in Leeds. Now people realise that when they run out of space at home or in their businesses. The shipping containers can be used for self storage. A good example of this is moving home. When you are in the middle of a move or when you are leaving the country for a while would be another example when they come in handy.

Today, as real estate becomes more and more expensive people are becoming more creative about the use of these shipping containers. Most in use today by self storage facilities have been decommissioned from transport duty. Boylin’s Self Store in Leeds use them for self storage purposes. As long as you don’t store anything that is considered illegal. Most owners of self storage facilities in Leeds will be happy to rent them out to your at very competitive prices when compared to other real estate you could use for this purpose or storage in Leeds.

Are you wondering what you can do with self storage other than stash away items?

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Here are a few Creative Ideas for Self Storage in Leeds from the experts @ Boylin’s Self Store

If you need information on any of our self store locations. Then you can find our  self storage locator here.

1. You can use it as a gym

Maybe, you have always wanted to have a space at home where you can set up some gym equipment. But you live in a small apartment and you know it will never happen. You don’t have to give up on your dream of getting fit just yet. Or even worse relent and pay lots of money for a gym every month. Our Boylin’s self store in Leeds allows you our client to set up a gym in your rental  container. You can put all your workout equipment in there. All it will cost you is a small competitive rental fee for as long as you need the extra storage space.

2. Band practice

Has your mother had enough  of you practicing your drums or guitar with your friends in the basement?

Cut her some slack – it can drive anyone crazy. Instead of getting in her hair how about setting up a cool space in a storage container. Where you can practice to your heart’s content. You will not disturb anyone – these facilities are usually located away from residential areas. It will not cost you very much. When you are a famous star you can truly say that you came from humble beginnings.

Creative ideas for self storage in Leeds -Band practice

3. Art and craft studio

Having an art studio at home is an idea. But not all of us have enough room to be able to spare one just for our hobby. Also, you may find that your family gets in the way. They may mess with some of your most important projects. You can set up and art and craft studio in a our self stores. All our containers are weather or water proof. So your supplies and canvases will be safe and you can go there and paint whenever you like. It is also serves as good place for you to store your completed works awaiting the next exhibition or sale.

Creative ideas for self storage in leeds - art studio

4. Personal space

Personal space doesn’t always mean that you want to get away from everyone. It could mean that from time to time you need some quiet space and time alone to finish important projects. Many people are able to do this at home. But what if you can’t? If you have small kids or a large family. Maybe you have nosy and noisy neighbors. Sometimes you may find it very hard to work at home. You can get some quiet time if you hire a personal storage container from Boylin’s. Our containers are available for rent for as short as a day and as long as you wan. They can provide the peace and quiet working space you seek.

5. Meetings

Are you having a hard time finding space where your group can get more privacy than in a typical restaurant or park? You can hire a storage containers for the days when you want to meet. Buy some cheap furniture to make it comfortable. Make the container available to members of your group who would like to work in it between meetings.

So where can you find storage containers where you can implement all these creative ideas?

You should try us Boylin’s Self Store in Leeds. We are one of the best local self  storage facilities in the Leeds vicinity.

You can contact us for more information on 0113 2430740 to book or reserve your container today.

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