20 Top Archiving & Document Self Storage Tips for the Services Industry

Document self storage tips

Choosing self storage for your business documents is a great way to go – you are able to get affordable storage while at the same time ensuring that all documents are safe at all times. Document self storage is not easy. You want to store every document in a way that enables easy retrieval, and while your storage container may start out neat and tidy, as you generate more documents from your business it is bound to get so disheveled that finding what you are looking for takes hours or even days instead of just a few minutes. It is important to make sure that your documents are properly stored at all times – you never know when you will need something and you don’t want to waste valuable time looking for a file or a piece of paper.

Document & archiving self storage tips

Here are Boylin’s 20 Top Archiving & Document Self Storage Tips:

  1. Before you take anything out to your new self storage container you should organise your workspace. You should ask all employees to come in and clear out their work areas and filing cabinets so that they can trash the documents that aren’t needed and carefully file the ones that are. If it is not clear to everyone what documents are important you should create a list for everyone’s reference.
  2. Make sure that all employees keep a clean and clutter free workplace. It is a great way to ensure that you only file important paperwork. It should be clear to all that all filing must be done at the end of every day. If they accumulate too many papers on their desks they may end up sending things to the self storage facility that they shouldn’t.
  3. Encourage electronic filing. True, every business will generate a good amount of paper, but if you store most records in the cloud you will only end up with minimum paperwork that requires storage. Come up with a storage method that is understood by all and make sure that all new employees are introduced to it.
  4. When you rent out a document self storage container it will be cleaned by the storage company but you should inspect it yourself to ensure that it is up to your standards.
  5. In order to make filing and retrieval easier you should rent a self storage container that can accommodate shelving. While you may want to keep away really old documents in boxes recent ones should be kept on shelves where you can reach them relatively quickly.
  6. All files and boxes that go into the storage container should be properly labelled with labels facing outwards. It helps if you can have one person who oversees the document storage container so that they can see to it that everything is properly labelled and in its proper place.
  7. It is very important to make sure that your documents are safe at all times. While you may hire a self storage container from a company that is keen on container safety, you must always remember that your own employees can sabotage you. Make sure that you know who is allowed access to the document self storage service or container.
  8. One way to differentiate documents in your document self storage container is to colour code them. You can have different colours for documents from different departments.
  9. Make sure that there are no lose documents in your archiving self storage. Everything should be properly and neatly stored in files or boxes.
  10. Do not pack a single archiving self storage container with too many documents – it makes the job of retrieval much harder. If a container is full you should hire another one. If you are renting from a good company they will be happy to offer discounts for any additional containers that you take on.
  11. Some office managers think that setting aside a filing day is a good way to save time – employees don’t have to deal with paper on a daily basis. This approach may work in the beginning but over time it will become a problem. All documents should be filed at the end of the day. Have a day set aside when files are moved to the document self storage container.
  12. Make sure that you use strong storage boxes. The most common type are made of manila, but if you want to make sure that your documents are extra safe especially from the weather you can use plastic boxes.
  13. You should check on all documents in your storage container at least twice a year. Have one of your employees open all boxes to check for signs of damp or rot. If there are any damaged boxes they should be removed and dealt with right away.
  14. Use a bespoke filing system. A filing system ensures that even if employees leave the new ones who come in will be able to pick up the baton and move on with minimum disruptions.
  15. If there are any documents that are particularly sensitive – such as employee or customer contact details or credit card details – it is best not to store them in a storage container. Even the most secure storage facility can be broken into and loss of such sensitive information can lead to endless headaches. They are better off stored digitally and properly secured with relevant software.
  16. Fire is one of the highest risks your business face when self storing document or marketing collateral. You should make sure that you rent your document self storage container from a facility that has fire prevention measures in place or add some yourself.
  17. Some facilities may offer locking systems that alert you when a self storage container is accessed. If you can find one of these your documents will be even more secure.
  18. Employees should be made aware that they cannot eat or drink in the document storage container.
  19. As you organise your document self storage space make sure that you leave enough room to walk between boxes and files.
  20. Make sure that you rent a archiving or document self storage container from a facility that has 24 hour CCTV in case of a break-in.

There are many such facilities in Yorkshire but one that will not let you down is Boylin’s Self Store. We pride ourselves in our archiving & document self storage servicesall our storage facilities are highly secure and you will be the only one with access. They are all weatherproof too – you don’t have to worry about the changing seasons affecting your documents.

We also have CCTV cameras trained on all our self storage containers and there is an employee present during working hours in case you need assistance. Our containers are all on ground level – you will not have to worry about lugging heavy boxes or files up flights of stairs and most of locations offer introduction rates to get you started today.

You can find out more about all locations and self storage services on our website here.

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