10 Money Saving & Making Tips for Your Self Storage Needs by Boylin’s!

Money saving self storage tips and money making self storage tips by Boylin's

Boylin’s Self Store is your market leading self storage specialist so you can trust us. We provide valuable money saving advice and tips in this news article. We also provide self storage facilities throughout your region. You can check out all our stores and locations here. We have compiled a top 10 of our best money saving tips for you below.

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Most people don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to store everything effectively. It is possible to find self storage opportunities without breaking the bank. Of course, in order to make that happen, some people will just have to sell some of the items that they really no longer need. Which leads us to tip one.

1. Discard, Sell, Donate Unused or No Longer Needed Belongings

Many of us own a lot of property and often end up storing belongings we long forgot. Didn’t realise we own. This forever increases our needs for storage space. Hording things comes to mind in extreme cases. Space has value even more so if it is your home or business. It is time to have a good look around and discard or hand over to charity all those things you really no longer need.

Consider the value of these when you do so. Also keep in mind the associated cost of storing them. In some cases, you end up making money, instead of losing money. When you sell off unwanted items. Of course we understand that certain items can carry emotional value and are worth saving for the family or prosperity.

In most cases, you are better off donating everything that you just don’t use any more to charity or family and friends.

Be honest with your self when making these choices. A blank slate can feel very refreshing at times.

money saving self storage tips by Boylin's

2. Plan Self Storage Space Strategically over Time

Now you know what you will keep. Made an inventory. After having discarded most unwanted items. Now you will have the right estimates as to the storage volume or space you require. Bigger is not always best. Only rent self storage space you need. Include some strategic planning towards the future. Maybe, your requirements change over time and or are seasonal.

You won’t always need a large storage space. This is why a lot of us will save money when we opt for a more flexible self storage service provider, like Boylin’s.

Reducing your storage space always saves money.

3. Self Store Everything More Effectively

You might not need a bigger storage space. You might just need to move things around within the storage space, giving yourself the opportunity to fit more items in the space itself.

Organising your self storage space and utilising it to its maximum capacity is not always straightforward. We have written a previous article which goes in more depth on this subject.

You can read it here: How to organise your self storage in Bradford and optimise your time usage?

Things such as access and what you are storing matters.

4. Use All Your Self Storage Space Smartly

This will differ for all of us. But imagine you are storing a boat, car or any large object or belonging. Try to use the cavities inside these objects for self storage.

Again, if you self store a car use its boot and interior to store certain belongings which go with the car. As opposed to storing them next to the car or boat. It’s possible that you might not need the boot space in your car after all. If you don’t, then you could always use it to store the items that you can’t store at home for whatever reason.

5. Invest in Storage Furniture

You might think that getting something new is an ineffective way of saving money. However, under the circumstances, that you have or own things, which need to be stored. It is always a good idea to actually get specialised self storage furniture. This allows you to store and stack your belongings better and more compactly. Items that you don’t use very often can be placed higher as they need less frequent access. Most of us did not think of using the space between the floor and the ceiling, at least for the most part. Storage furniture allows you to genuinely use that self storage space, especially if you are interested in finding a way to save money by saving on the volume of self storage space you require.

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6. Ask for Help

You should not be feeling embarrassed when asking for help. Many of your friends and family might have storage space that you is unused. You could use it. You might not be able to store all of your important items in their homes, but they might be able to help you. This also helps save a little bit of money on self storage over time. Boylin’s believes that all the small saving you can make are worth considering.

7. Do Your Research into Self Storage Service Providers

For one thing, it’s important to look at the different rates that various self storage companies offer. Some of them will provide people with fairly reasonable rates, while other people will find themselves paying a lot of money for the sake of using an unsafe and inadequate self storage facility. The people who do their research will probably avoid running into issues like that.

We, at Boylin’s strive to always offer the most competitive prices in the market and the same applies when talking about or overall service offering.

More, we offer an introduction rate to all new clients which allows you to do real research as to how good our overall service offering is. Trust us you wont be disappointed.

Below is a typical example of a introduction offer from our Wakefield self store.money saving self storage tips by boylin's

8. Discounts

Plenty of self storage companies offer discounts as we do. It’s particularly common for them to offer discounts during the holidays seasons. They know that a lot of us will need temporary or seasonal self storage during the holidays seasons. They’re interested in making it happen. They know that offering customers the right discounts will get them more business. You can save money by looking out for those offers.

9. Unconventional Self Storage Money Making Opportunities

Many of us these days are renting out our own unused rooms to people who need more storage opportunities. Many unconventional money making self storage opportunities are available today can be astonishing. While these self storage spaces will not have particularly great security, they’re certainly inexpensive. For a lot of people, that sort of thing is enough. to even start up a lucrative business idea they were playing with. Or, maybe you one of the many online retailers who just needs more storage for your thriving business.

money saving self storage tips - use all yourt space also the ones in your car

10. Negotiation

Some self storage companies allow you to negotiate the type of service you need. They understand that not all of us have the same needs in terms of self storage. Many opportunities out there for self storage money making business ventures exists. We’re a reasonable company, and we’ll help make sure that you get the self storage opportunities that you need.

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